We have the latest and most secure equipment available and we offer all units at wholesale cost.  It’s pretty simple – we’re here to earn your business. 

   We’re very glad to have you as a customer.  We offer equipment at lower costs or as free loaners. Fair Enough?  Contact a Pure Processing relationship manager or visit our contacts page and ask what will work best for your needs.

 For those of you looking for credit card or any POS equipment, our suggestion is to purchase the equipment instead of leasing.  All Businesses should already have terminals that accept chip, tap and mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

If you’re in talks with an ISO or rep and they suggest you need new equipment to “work on their platform”,  you probably don’t.  Call us to see if we can reprogram your existing equipment. 

Could you imagine your credit/debit card work because of fingerprint identity in the near future?  They’re working on it, Goodbye fraud!

We’re certified to program and re-code most all payment equipment. If you’ve recently purchased terminals you probably don’t need new equipment unless you would like to upgrade. Contact us and we’ll check if we can reprogram them at no cost for you.